Trade Support

As a very capable Polish distributor, we are able to open the Polish market for you. The polish market in not only 38,000,000 consumers, but over 100,000 supermarkets and retail point/locations. This is a market with very high competition, and the mentality of Polish businessmen makes it difficult for outsiders to enter this Polish arena.

      The level of your success is directly aligned with how prepared you are for the Polish market. We have been working in distribution day in and day out for over 5 years now, and we have a very good working knowledge of how things are done here. Having practical knowledge which is based on our experience and the working contracts which we have, allow us a very good understanding of successful distribution in Poland.

      Thanks to all this, we have an open door to some of the largest supermarket chains as well as the smaller shops and traditional distribution in Poland which allows us to work with people like you and help put your products on the shelves of the most successful businesses in this country.

      To elaborate, we work closely with: Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, Kaufland, Dino, Netto, Stokrotka, Mila, Polomarket etc., and furthermore, we work with over 100 distributors across the country that give us access to the smaller and more traditional shops in Poland as well.

      Our largest distribution experience lays in the distribution of confectionery, foods, sweets/bonbons, which includes everything from candy, waffles, pastries to offering open brand/private label products. We strive to provide top service in our distribution services.